Felicity Coonan

Why am I engaged with CommonSense Voices of North Sydney?

Really, it’s because I’m deeply concerned for the future and the mental health of my children and their friends. They’re anxious to be inheriting this dire climate mess, not to mention massive university debt, job insecurity, housing unaffordability – all of which worry me greatly too. I do this so I can look my children in the eye and say “I did all I could’.

I am terribly concerned about climate change. As a professional, a parent and a lover of nature, I have been reading the science and watching the news for decades and I’m gobsmacked that this otherwise brilliant country seems incapable of responding to this looming crisis.

After protesting in the streets, shouting into my social media bubble and voting – none of it makes a difference. In short, this government and my representative DO NOT REPRESENT ME. Or it seems, most of the Australians I know. Our ‘representative democracy’ is failing us.

Around my kitchen table, many of my friends and neighbours have been surprised at their own interest in ‘talking politics’. When you remove the question ‘who did you vote for?’ we all feel the same way about the really big issues.

As one of the most educated and fortunate electorates in Australia, I think we have a duty not to be ‘quiet Australians’ but to make sure our voices are actually represented on issues that are extremely important for our future. Australia can do better. We could be a world leader, but not if we keep doing the same things and voting the same way. Inspired by Zali Steggalls’ win in Warringah, I feel sure we can put forward an independent candidate who actually speaks for us in North Sydney.

The biggest threat to our democracy is silence. I will not go quietly.

Felicity Coonan

About me:

I’ve lived in the North Sydney electorate for over 30 years. My two children have been raised and educated here. I’m a professional art director working in animated feature films (Happy Feet, The Lego Movie, Peter Rabbit to name a few) I’ve volunteered in homelessness since 2010. I’ve curated exhibitions and published books. My latest collaboration ‘The Good Son’ is a finalist for the 2020 Children’s Book Council ‘Book of the Year’ Award.