Next Kitchen Table Conversation:
Wednesday December 2nd at 7pm in Greenwich.

Please email for details and to RSVP:

About Kitchen Table Conversations


Kitchen Table Conversations are simple and powerful – helping people discuss what really matters in a comfortable environment. Small groups have conversations based on focused themes. Participants might be friends, neighbours, family, workmates or people known from community networks. The conversations are usually shaped around starter questions.

Everyone is welcome to participate.

Normally these would take place in our homes, but during Covid we’re taking to the powers of Zoom so look out for our next online event. However if you feel comfortable, you can host your own – around your own kitchen table or wherever is comfortable for you. The only proviso is the place needs to be quiet enough for everyone to be heard easily.

The hosts facilitate a conversation for a couple of hours focused on the three themes included in this pack. Participants’ ideas and thoughts will be collated by the hosts and forwarded to the Voices of Warringah team for processing and integrating with all the other conversations throughout the electorate.

The Steps to Hosting a Kitchen Table Conversation

  • Set a meeting date
  • Invite up to nine friends/family/colleagues/neighbours/community members to your home or other suitable venue.
  • Collect contact details for the group
  • Facilitate the discussion
  • Ensure there is a summary of the opinions and ideas of your group and that it is forwarded to the Voices of North Sydney committee at
  • Create a positive ripple – suggest that participants talk about their discussions and the ideas that emerged with other people at work or home or in their community.

I’d like to host a Kitchen Table Meeting

Email us and we will send you all you need. A starter pack, list of topics, forms to fill in for each of your guests and we can even offer a facilitator to come along if you like.

I’d like to attend a Kitchen Table Meeting

If you would like to attend another Kitchen Table meeting, email us and we can let you know where one is happening near you: Email us