The Plan

Our basic plan is inspired by the very successful grassroots democractic campaigns of Voices 4 Indi and Voices of  Warringah that saw Zali Steggal elected.

In simple terms it is:

  1. Listen to the voices of our electorate
  2. find an independent candidate who will represent our views
  3. support that person in the next federal election.

At this stage we are trying to build a network by asking people to name their concerns. 

So far these  surveys have been gathered in face to face, social settings, mostly at peoples houses. Clearly we can’t do this at the moment  – so now we have an online form

We ask that you think carefully about your concerns before listing them.

The next federal election will be sometime between November 2021 and Sept 2022 (fact check please) This gives us a little over 12 months to get active and have sour voices heard.

It’s perhaps time North Sydney, an electorate of diverse, educated and caring people is once again represented by an independent. We have an historic appetite for independents, with Ted Mack representing us for over 20 years.


Voices for Indi
Voices of Warringah
Zali Stegall