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Make Your Vote Count
Myths + Preferences Explained

A video debunking some of the principal myths concerning preference allocations and explaining how to best optimise voters desired outcome from the May 2022 Federal Election, is accessible here.

VoNS launches its Represent Me! Quiz in the lead up to the May 2022 Federal Election

A short explainer video providing additional background on the VoNS Represent Me! Quiz is accessible here.

Make your Local Govt vote count

Its as easy as 1, 2, …3

How votes are counted in NSW local government elections is very, VERY complicated; but voting needn’t be.
We have produced this short video to help you use your vote most effectively. As you know the objective of Voices of North Sydney is to “promote and facilitate participation in our democracy
We want to strengthen our democratic processes and understanding how to best use your vote is part of that. We hope this will help you get the representative you want in local government.


‘We are not represented’

Aims to show how the values and priorities of voters in the North Sydney electorate are not being represented, which may explain the swing away from the coalition in 2019. It also shows what could be majority support for a range of climate, governance and Aboriginal policies


“Our democracy no longer represents the people. Here’s how we fix it”

Larry Lessig TED talk , 20 minutes – it’s American but our problem is similar.