Zoom Town Hall meetings



The second Zoom Town Hall meeting was held in June 2020. 

We learnt from other groups and organisations about alternative approaches that have been successful. 

Guest speakers were:

Alana Johnson from Voices for Indi

Iain Walker of newDemocracy 

Jess Miller from City of Sydney 

Main points:

·   Defining the values and principles of good government is the most important thing the group can do to guide its activities, the selection of a candidate and ongoing communication between the community and the representative.

·   An independent is most effective if they concentrate on a few issues that are of concern to the constituents rather than attempting a broad policy platform

·   It is possible and effective to have a continuing dialogue between community organisation and the representative between elections

·   Deliberative processes that involve the public have worked at a range of scales to come up with policies and solutions for a wide range of difficult issues.

Watch here: https://vimeo.com/434582765?fbclid=IwAR07ciHDbb7b8M3r13RFtnBRMp5PXXOcn9n77suuO_6wYIoxWLhyue6m5hM



In May 2020 we held our first public town hall meeting via Zoom. 

With our guest speaker Jane Caro, we asked:

Are we being represented? How democratic are we and is there a gap between the issues of concern and how our federal representative has voted?

Main points:

·   There is a significant gap between the issues that interest and concern the community and the way our representative has voted

·   This gap is evident in the swing away from government in the 2019 election

·   North Sydney has had an independent that served the community well in the past

Watch here: https://vimeo.com/425707766