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March 2023 NSW State Election

As you know the State Elections are coming up in March next year – only 6 months away.
NSW state politics has a greater impact than federal politics on many of the issues that are important to us. And one thing we have learnt from the federal election this year, is that we do have  power and WE CAN effect change on how these issues are addressed.

North Sydney's Independent

North Sydney’s Independent have been very active in seeking independent candidates to run in next year’s state elections, particularly in Lane Cove and North Shore. North Sydney’s independent is a different organisation to Voices of North Sydney, and if you haven’t already, we urge you to consider joining them via their website

Voices of North Sydney Kitchen Table Conversations and Voices in the Pub

Voices of North Sydney’s  objective in the lead up to the NSW State Elections is to continue our work encouraging  greater community participation in our democracy. It is only through broader participation that we will see more attention and better policy around the issues that are important to us. Our principal contribution to this process is to facilitate means for our community to get together and find out what is important to us. And that is what our Kitchen Table Conversations and Voices in the Pub events are all about.

We have prepared a guide for running Kitchen Table Conversations and Voices in the Pub events, and we have a moderator available to help run them. Anybody can do them – from 8-10 people in someone’s home, to around 50 in a pub or club. Please let us know if you’d like assistance in running such an event.

The past couple of years have been amazing and we’re thrilled with our own community independent, Kylea Tink, representing our issues now in Canberra.  Nevertheless there is still much to be done to improve participation and community representation in parliamentary committees, advisory panels, planning and development decisions and more.

Some of the VONS team however, are stepping back while NSI take the reins running up to the state election. It has been incredibly rewarding to see what we can do when we work together and we feel privileged to be a part of the very powerful community of North Sydney. We’ll still be here working on more community inclusion in decision making processes as well as to offer any support or advice on community engagement, Kitchen Table Conversations and Voices in the Pub, so please feel our door is always open to you. 

All the best
The Voices of North Sydney team


Come together to understand the most important issues for people in North Sydney and find a representative who will fight for them in Parliament.


We welcome and encourage participation by all people, irrespective of political allegiance, age, gender, through inclusion, deliberation and integrity.


From coming to a kitchen table meeting to door-knocking there is much to do. Acting together we can change the way the system established works.


Better democracy is the key to making and enacting good policy for the things that matter to us. To build this democratic engagement, we are organising social Kitchen Table Conversation events at PUBS and CLUBS near you

Declaration of Independents

Voices of North Sydney was initially focussed on federal issues, but though our conversations it became clear that integrity and the need for more accountability at the local government level is also needed. The voting processes appear to favour parties and it is more difficult for true independents to be elected.

It is important for true ‘community-minded independents’ to be identifiable and to promote their shared values: not being associated with a party, how they will engage with the electorate and strengthen participation in democracy, and personal behaviour.

Here is the ‘Declaration of Independents’ (pun intended!). Please share and promote and ask independent candidates to sign and send back to us.

Summary of feedback

Here is a summary of our ‘kitchen table conversations’ in 2020 and ‘Voices in the pub’ in 2021.

The 2021 sessions looked at both Federal and local issues.

Video explainer

The background and motivation for Voices of North Sydney (7:30 minutes)

Zoom Town Hall video

Our last Zoom town hall with John Hewson and Andy Marks.

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The North Sydney Federal electorate is: Artarmon, Crows Nest, Cammeray, Castlecrag, Cremorne, Chatswood, Greenwich, Henley, Hunters Hill, Kirribilli, Lane Cove, Longueville, McMahons Point, Middle Cove, Naremburn, Northbridge, North Sydney, Riverview, St Leonards, Waverton, Willoughby, Woolwich