Our aim is to have a representative who represents us

All over Australia grassroots organisations are forming to have more say in democracy. Many people in the electorate of North Sydney are disheartened with the current political process and the failure of the party system to provide true representation or deal with major issues that are of concern.

We're not a political party, but a non-partisan community group who want to improve our democracy.
We feel that our voices are not being heard and as a result we, as a society, are not reaching our potential.


We welcome and encourage participation by all people, irrespective of political allegiance, age, gender, through inclusion, deliberation and integrity.


Kitchen Table conversations provide a simple and effective process by which people across the electorate can voice their interests, concerns and ideas. We also have an online survey:


To understand what are the most important issues for people in North Sydney and what they think makes for a strong community and good government, then find a representative who represents us.

Kitchen Table Conversations

Kitchen Table Conversations are an Australian democratic innovation that involves small groups coming together to discuss democracy, good government and the issues that matter to them in a fun and social setting. You can either host or attend one.

Zoom in to learn more

If you’re just a little bit frustrated with politics as they are today and curious about how you can personally engage, one way is to attend our Zoom Town Hall Meetings. The next one will announced shortly. You can watch past zooms here:

Join the community

There are many ways you can take part and feel like you’re doing something positive for our future - it takes all kinds of skills and ideas. Please make contact if you can offer time or skills or would like to be involved in an upcoming event. Find out more.

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